Our socks are constantly certified by GOTS!

So you can be sure to buy products only of highest ORGANIC quality.

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KBT- Merino Wool (Controlled Biologically Animal Husbandry)

Controlled biologically animal husbandry ensures you that our ORGANIC merino wool comes from sheep growing up in a species-appropriate environment without any chemical or pharmaceutical feed additives.

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KBA - ORGANIC Certified Cotton

Controlled ORGANIC cultivation ensures you that neither pesticides, insecticides nor any chemical fertilizers were used during the fabrication of our products made of ORGANIC cotton.

To produce eudermic textiles which are not contaminated by chemical agents and with it posing a risk to your health, organic textile industry uses organic certified cotton. At the same time organic certified cultivation or crop growing means that damaging the environment during the fabrication process is as little as possible and as well that working conditions in cultivating countries will improve.

The EU-Eco-regulation defines how agricultural products and foods that are designated as ecological products have to be grown. Only products which meet demands of the EU-Eco-regulation may be labeled as organic. Organic certified production guarantees regularly controls by independent institutes.

During cultivation there will be no use of pesticides, insecticides nor artificial fertilizers. Every two or three years there is a crop rotation and the cotton is only organic fertilized. There is only use of alternative and biological methods and tools for pest control in order to keep the ecological balance in cultivating countries on a healthy level.

ORGANIC controlled cultivation guarantees that there is no harm to the environment and also that casual farm workers are treated well.