Our socks are constantly certified by GOTS!

So you can be sure to buy products only of highest ORGANIC quality.

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KBA - ORGANIC Certified Cotton

Controlled ORGANIC cultivation ensures you that neither pesticides, insecticides nor any chemical fertilisers were used during the fabrication of our products made of ORGANIC cotton.

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KBT- Merino Wool (Controlled Biologically Animal Husbandry)

BIO Merinowolle

Controlled biologically animal husbandry ensures you that our ORGANIC merino wool comes from sheep growing without any chemical or pharmaceutical feed additives.

One of the most important principles of controlled biologically animal husbandry is keeping healthy animals in a species-appropriate environment. Health and well-being of animals will be achieved with no chemical or pharmaceutical feed additives. Preventive measures are used to avoid infestations of vermin, for example.

Organic farming makes sure to strengthen the immune defence of animals. For that reason animals are feed with high quality food, continous movement and access to appropriate pasture.

Our ORGANIC merino wool only comes out of controlled biologically animal husbandry. Because merino wool is much more finer and more flexible than other wool types it is perfect for wearing close to skin.

During the production there is no use of any pesticides nor other chemical agents and there will be no painful elimination of vermin.

Conditioning of merino wool happens through the so-called Corona Finish which makes sure the textiles are chlorine and AOX free.

The high ORGANIC quality of our merino wool products is constantly certified by independent institutes.

Quelle: ec.europa.eu/agriculture/organic/home_de