<strong>ORGANIC Cotton 100% (merc.)</strong><br />The fine men's sock with wash resistance brightness. <br /><a href="index.php?id=99&L=1">>> more</a>
<strong>ORGANIC Cotton </strong><br />The ORGANIC cotton sock suitable for daily use. <br /><a href="index.php?id=33&L=1">>> more</a>

ORGANIC Merino Wool

<strong>ORGANIC Merino Wool 100%</strong><br />The ribbed and breathable merino wool sock.<br /><a href="index.php?id=101&L=1">>> more</a>
<strong>ORGANIC Merino Wool</strong><br />The robust and sturdy sock for daily use made of merino wool with mixed materials.<br /><a href="index.php?id=100&L=1">>> more</a>

The origin of first class products is first class material!

The fabrication of our ORGANIC stockings starts with the choice of the best available material for ORGANIC textiles.

So comes our ORGANIC cotton exclusively from certified organic cultivation in Turkey, which is for many years one of the leading countries in the field of organic cotton. Harvesting and further processing are subjects to restrictions of the highest social and ecological standards.

Also we get our ORGANIC merino wool from certified organic keeping of animals in a species-appropriate environment in South America, because we want to be sure, that the sheep grow up without any chemical or pharmaceutical feed additives and without any cruelty to animals. The so-called “Mulesing” to avoid infestations of vermin, which is commonly accepted in Australia for example, is in this case not even necessary, because the Blowfly does not exist in South America.

The seals of quality that label our products assure you to decide on ecologically and socially responsive textiles.

Our products made of ORGANIC cotton and ORGANIC merino wool are available as socks and knee-high stockings in many trendy different colours.