Corona Finish

Corona Finish is the environmentally friendly solution to get non-felting wool textiles. Completely without using harmful chemicals.

To keep non-felting wool and prevent it from shrinking, fabrics must so far be treated chemically by the Superwash-treatment to avoid fibres getting caught.

Non-felting wool is washable and does not shrink. Textiles might be brought back in former shape easily after washing. It is a new ecological alternative to get non-felting wool textiles in a physical way.

After the treatment wool is chlorine and AOX free which underlines its environmental friendliness.

Die Entladung ähnelt einer Blitzentladung eines Gewitters.

The Corona Finish is a plasma discharging process as a pre-treatment similar to electric storms. A charge of approximately 10.000 – 15.000 V is applied to a high voltage electrode. After that follows discharging to the opposite electrode.

The high voltage is controlled and homogeneously discharged, during the atmosphere next to the electric field is being activated. Now wool is transported through this field and due to the high voltage the fibre structure changes and wool textiles are now non-felting and protected from shrinking.

Corona Finish provides for washable wool textiles. So you can be sure your socks are ORGANIC in every way and they will stay fine even after machine washing.

ORGANIC Merino Wool 100%
Now available for women as well!

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