Mercerization is a treatment for high quality cotton fabrics that gives them a wash resistant lustrous appearance and strengthens them.

The process was devised in middle of the 19th century by John Mercer in England, who treated cotton fibres with sodium hydroxide. The treatment caused the fibres to swell and so changed their appearance permanently.

This conditioning of cotton changes the structure of fibres which are now nearly 25% shorter than before and show a circular cross section. The treatment prevents cotton from shrinking and gives it also a wash resistant brightness.

Mercerized fabrics feature an increased tensile strength, distention and flexibility. The treatment improves material quality and is only used with textiles of higher value.

Especially the mercerization treatment is certified by GOTS, so you can be sure that our products are completely ORGANIC which means they are sustainable, environmentally friendly and gentle on your skin.

ORGANIC Cotton 100% (merc.)

Fine socks or knee-high stockings for men made of 100% mercerized ORGANIC cotton with wash resistant brightness.

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